We deliver solutions that make your supply chain more sustainable, profitable and safe.


With high-quality materials and products for Modified Atmosphere in FIBC Bulk Packaging, we tackle quality and environmental issues all at once.


Let’s leave product waste and inefficient supply chains in the past. From harvest to end consumer: a lot of product gets lost along the way. Not just actual product, but also quality and money. We found a holistic solution that takes on all these challenges, all while being the most sustainable solution on the market. 

There’s something in the air

Meet our Modified Atmosphere solution for FIBCs. Longer shelf life, organic and bio friendly, less product waste and effective against pests and contamination. The list of benefits for your product - and business - is endless.

It won't affect your product with chemicals - on the contrary: in a completely natural way, we manage to extend the shelf life of your product and maintain its quality, taste and smell. We fight pests and contamination, not by adding harmful additions to our packaging, but simply by changing the air composition in the bags. It’s safe for consumers, and sustainable for our planet. 

In a nutshell, Modified Atmosphere works by adjusting the oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide levels in a packaging. And we dare to think big: our solutions can be applied to FIBCs, Big Bags and Super Sacks - for benefits on an even bigger scale. All our bulk packaging is produced in Class 10000 Cleanrooms, further minimizing risks of contamination and pests.

Quality control, all along the way

From the moment your product get packaged, to the time it reaches its destination, it’s critical to keep an eye on the status of your product and the Modified Atmosphere. With the Sensor Spot solution, we can do this in a completely risk-free, non-invasive way. No need to open or puncture the package, thanks to the Sensor Spot that measures the oxygen levels inside the package, as often as needed. 

Better for our planet, better for your business

Ultimately, we want to make your supply chain more sustainable, and your business future-proof. From nuts to rice and from hemp to chemicals, our solutions can be applied to a wide range of products - but harvested products in particular benefit from this technology.

  • Natural fumigation of the products, so suitable for organic and bio products.
  • Effective infestation prevention, no more pests.
  • Harvest season and markets can be extended, as products can be stored and travel for longer periods of time.
  • Higher volumes of packaged materials mean's lower handling and transport costs.
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