About us

We believe that sustainable solutions should be the

most accessible option out there, always.

A sustainable future can only be built together. Products and solutions that can help reach this goal, should become the standard, not remain the exception. 

Somsix offers a specialized service, delivering the products needed to create Modified Atmosphere packaging under a neutral MA specialty brand. Our aim is to make sustainability more accessible: that way, we increase the positive impact of our solutions: less product waste and cleaner supply chains. Our products can be integrated into the product lines of FIBC manufacturers all over the globe.

100 years of experience to prepare us for a better future.

Somsix is part of the Masterpack Group, a leading industrial packaging company with more than 100 years of experience. Founded in the late 1920s, the company started with trading jute for the Dutch home market. Nowadays, we are one of the leading experts when it comes to Modified Atmosphere Packaging in FIBCs.

Why choose Somsix?

    • In-house development, from research to production
    • We know your market. We operate from Thailand, China, Bangladesh, USA and The Netherlands
    • Our products are made in state-of-the-art clean rooms
    • We’re a one-stop shop thanks to our fully integrated production facilities
    • Safety first on our secluded loading and packaging areas

We believe in sustainable partnerships
We believe that sustainability also lies in the partnerships you build. We have a dedicated team of experts ready to answer all your questions and deliver you the best products and service possible.
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