Gain control and prevent waste


We believe that one shall never waste. That’s why we strive to help you gain full control of your packaging and content by offering best in class sensors for easy and insightful monitoring and action, so that you gain control to prevent waste. 
We offer sensors and monitoring in three categories: 

MA Sensors for FIBCs

Applied sensors for remote monitoring of Modified Atmosphere (MA) in FIBCs

Custom Sensors

Custom Sensors

Custom packaging sensors for remote monitoring of different data



Basic manual probes

Manual sensor probes for basic measures in Modified Atmosphere FIBCs

Our three Sensor and Monitoring categories


MA Sensors for FIBCs

Somsix is a leading provider of Modified Atmosphere in FIBC’s and our patented applied sensors for remote monitoring of oxygen, temperature and humidity. This helps you gain 100% control of all bags anywhere – to prevent waste. Somsix Sensor as a service offers plug & play solutions that is quick & easy to set up and use

  • Monitoring software gives you insightful data and actions to take care of all bags, always 
  • Patented sensor caps on all your bags frequently measure and monitor status, accurately  
  • LoRa gateways ensures safe and accurate data from all bags directly to your monitor, anywhere 

Custom Sensors

Based on client requests we co-developed custom made sensors with a wide or specific range of data and applications across general or specific kind of packaging. Somsix custom sensors offers you a unique opportunity to solve a problem for your business and industry.
  • Customization and highly accurate tracking of data depending on the customer needs
  • Versatile applications with unique systems that allows for tailored fittings on a specific or range of packaging
  • Connectivity gateways and complementary ports for both remote data and accurate analysis
Custom Sensors

Basic manual probes

We will always recommend to gain 100% control to prevent any waste by using remote sensors on all packaging, yet we appreciate the steps to get there may include some basic manual measurement to make initial checks and gain first insights. That’s why we also offer basic manual measurement probes to ensure everyone can start gaining control and prevent waste 
  • Accurate basic data on Modified Atmosphere including oxygen, temperature and humidity 
  • Robust, easy-to-use with large buttons and screen for easy readings  
  • Accompanied by a small set of MA sensors with a trial license to gain insight and learn  

Monitoring Modified Atmosphere Packaging the safest and most sustainable way possible

The benefits of Modified Atmosphere packaging are enormous, but come with a new challenge in the food and pharmaceutical packaging industry: having to monitor the atmosphere within FIBCs - without letting any air in or out. 

Somsix has developed its own sensors that allow you to keep track of the state of the atmosphere with high accuracy, in a non-invasive and cost-effective way. On this page, you will find more information on how the sensors work and how they can benefit your business, consumers, and the environment.


Sustainable packaging solutions: our non-invasive sensors for Modified Atmosphere Control

For successful Modified Atmosphere Packaging, it's paramount that you keep the oxygen levels inside the Big Bag below 0.1% at all times. But how can you make sure this is the case—and be sure that all your bags are complying to these quality standards?

What do you need for Modified Atmosphere Monitoring?

Somsix Sensor as a service offers plug-and-play solutions that are quick and easy to set up and use. Here’s what we’ll equip you with:
  • Monitoring software gives you insightful data and actions to take care of all bags, always
  • Patented sensor caps on all your bags frequently measure and monitor status, accurately
  • LoRa Gateways ensures safe and accurate data from all bags directly to your monitor, anywhere

How our sustainable packaging solution benefits your business:

Modified Atmosphere requires a holistic approach in your supply chain, meaning that it also matters what you do after packaging the products: they have to remain stable during storage and shipment as well.
Our Sensors are just one part of the solution we offer. We also equip you with state-of-the-art valves, liners and other machines that will help you rapidly create Modified Atmosphere Packaging. 
Using the sensors specifically, you reap certain specific benefits, that we’ll explain more in-depth further on. Here’s what you can expect: 
  1. Easy to implement and install and effortlessly operated
  2. Complete quality control: don’t miss a single bag
  3. Certify the quality at departure and arrival
  4. Priority control: optimize storage and sell at highest value
Sensor cycle_sustainable and valuable-1
0. Easy to Apply-1

Quick and easy applications of sensors for operators

Somsix sensors are easy to install in your production process. Our activation services ensure that implementation will be easy for any operational team and packaging line. We’ve made sure our Somsix Sensors can be up and running in no time, so you don't experience any downtime or interruptions in your production process. 
The sensors are designed to simplify the way you perform quality control checks. Your operators will be able to handle the sensors without any hassle or extensive training, but of course, our team of experts is always there to show you the ropes and make sure you make the most out of our smart packaging solutions. It is quick and easy to set up Somsix Sensors and monitor FIBCs for any operations team. You can easily enable all relevant team members and stakeholders to get status updates and insights of all bags at a glance.

A quick overview of the process

Fill the Bigbag as customary into Somsix liners closed by the MA 125 cap
Modify the Atmosphere within minutes with Somsix MA equipment
Close the bag with Somsix orange sensor Cap
Scan the bag ID barcode (or enter the bag ID number manually into the portal)
Link to the sensor on the bag at a click of a button
Immediately get the first Bag ID data readout on Oxygen, Temperature & Humidity
Each bag is monitored by the sensor cap every 6 hours and data is sent to the portal
Data is presented in easy to understand actionable ways on Somsix portal

''With Somsix, we aim to increase the positive impact of our solutions by making MAP more accessible. Our goal? Less food waste and cleaner supply chains.’’

1. 100% quality control for reduced Cost of Non-Quality

Control all your bags and go beyond randomized checks. Our sensors allow you to control 100% of your bags, at a fraction of the cost and time it would take you to perform random checks. Plus, you’ll optimize not only your spending, but also your earnings—but more on that later.
Without sensors, it's only manageable to randomly test a small sample set of bags with an intrusive needle on a weekly basis. You’re relying on manual labor to check the Modified Atmosphere, leaving no other option but to wait and see if any bags are wasted and calculate your value loss. This is a big risk and doesn't give any chance to plan the use of the content or prevent waste.
With Somsix Sensors and monitoring, you control all your bags via the Sensor Cap that accurately measures oxygen, temperature and humidity every 6 hours (or more frequently if you desire) using a secure digital system.
The dashboard shows in easy-to-understand ways if any bag needs attention or action to prevent waste and save money. This will give you more insights into your products and supply chain, allowing for specific optimization efforts.
1. Quality control-1
2. Departure Certificate-1

2. Certificates for added safety and value

The more you know, the better. FIBCs move around a lot, and it can be hard to keep track of what has happened and where they have been—and what has been happening inside the bag especially. With Somsix Sensors, you can easily create certificates that will support them in their journey, giving everyone in the supply chain the knowledge they need to handle the products the best way possible.
Creating a Departure certificate and Arrival Certificate ensures optimal safety throughout the supply chain. These certificates provide an accurate status of the atmosphere as well as the history of storage. Customers may require this from suppliers or it can be offered as a value-added benefit.

Departure certificates for a valuable quality seal

When it’s time to sell or process the content of the FIBC, the Somsix sensors and portal provide the option to certify the quality at departure by creating a ‘departure certificate’ including storage history and status at departure.
Most customers prefer to know that each bag has been stored well below 3% oxygen at suitable temperatures and humidity and that the oxygen level is stable below 3% at departure. 
A departure certificate provides all the required information at the click of a button. It can be provided as a quality seal by suppliers towards their customers, or requested as a standard quality seal for all bags by customers towards their suppliers. 

3. Arrival certificates for sustainable quality guarantee

When the FIBC arrives at the customer, Somsix sensors and the portal provide the option to certify the quality at arrival by creating an ‘arrival certificate', which includes transport history and status at arrival.
Most customers prefer to know that each bag has been transported properly, kept an oxygen level well below 3%, suitable temperatures and humidity and that the oxygen level is stable below 3% at arrival. 
An arrival certificate provides all the required information, serving as a quality guarantee by suppliers and transport companies towards their customers, or requested as a standard quality guarantee for all bags by customers towards suppliers and transport companies.
3. Arrival certificate-1
4. Priority control-1
 Production Suppliers can monitor and prioritize:
  • Bags in storage and act on content status
  • Bags to sell and certify for departure
  • Bags to keep with longer expiry date
Transport can be monitored and prioritized for:
  • Bags at departure with status certificate and history
  • Bags in transport to prioritize for delivery before expiry date
  • Bags at arrival with status certificate and transport data
Process customers can monitor and prioritize:
  • Bags in storage and act on content status
  • Bags to open and process before expiry date
  • Bags to store with longer expiry date

4. Prioritize bags to optimize value and prevent waste

Thanks to the ability to monitor individual bags, you can take action exactly at the right moment—not letting a single bag go to waste. You can sell at the best moment and store in more conditions. With our precise monitoring, you know exactly when the products should go to market, and are able to store the bags in more conditions without losing sight of the quality. You’ll see which bag to sell, open or process first based on the projected expiry date with the great advantage of knowing which bags can be stored longer without going to waste.
Somsix sensors enable you to monitor and prioritize 100% of bags for optimal value and prevention of waste along the complete supply chain. The sensors give an estimated expiry date forecast and continuous control with frequent updates for each bag that allows planning and priority on what bag to sell or use when for optimal value and minimal waste.

Selling at optimal market value of the content: increased margins, minimized waste

Closely monitoring the state of the modified atmosphere within the packaging will enable you to sell at exactly the right time, and at exactly the right price. You can start predicting the quality of products at every step of the supply chain and make sure they are ready to be sold at the optimal time, increasing your margins and minimizing waste.

Storage solution for food: store food in challenging areas

Storing food in certain challenging areas or local storage solutions becomes a lot easier with the Somsix Sensors. You can keep track of the state of the atmosphere, even remotely, and direct the next steps for the FIBCs. This is especially useful for sensitive products who need to be kept in challenging areas, without a lot of possibilities of monitoring on-site.
Our philosophy: reducing waste starts at the start of the supply chain
We believe that combating wasteful practices is the responsibility of every single player in the supply chain. Our sensors enable producers to keep close track of the state of their products, giving them the knowledge they need to improve their sustainable practices. Want to know more about how we make a difference? Reach out to our experts for a no-obligation chat!


Want to know more? 
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Sustainable packaging technologies: our Somsix Sensors

Want to give your production process a sustainable boost? Request a small demo or a trial package. We have a start-up package available with a pilot of 50 Sensor licenses, with the option to expand to any number of licenses you need whenever you want to expand your quality control efforts. 


A pilot contract includes a complete package of

50 sensor licenses or more with
  • Plug and play Sensor ID to Bag ID 
  • 4G Gateway Hub
  • Monitoring App
  • Data dashboard
  • 4 measures per 24 hours
  • 120 measures / sensor / month
  • Early leakage detection and action

Service and Product
  • Set-up support and customer service

Activation and subscription
  • Activation and set up support
  • 50 monthly licenses for monitoring
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FAQs about smart packaging innovations


How can you measure Modified Atmosphere levels inside the packaging?

The challenge of Modified Atmosphere Packaging is keeping the gas levels inside the packaging balanced and untouched for as long as possible. Measuring with a needle, therefore, isn't accurate, and means a bag goes to waste. Somsix Sensors allow for non-invasive, remote and more accurate measurements, as often as you’d like.

How do smart packaging solutions contribute to sustainability?

Smart packaging technology like the Somsix Sensors minimize waste: no bags have to be thrown after measurements and there is less chance of contamination or pests. Plus enables us to better cater to demand, decreasing over production and better allocation of resources.

How can we make packaging more sustainable?

With sustainable packaging solutions like the somsix sensors, we look at chances for sustainability throughout the entire supply chain—not just in production and sales. Modified Atmosphere and Somsix sensors decrease waste by minimizing pests and contamination, and give products longer shelf lives.