Somsix Equipment: essential elements for MAP


We believe that one shall never waste. That’s why we strive to help you gain full control of your packaging and content by offering best in class equipment for MAP.
We offer equipment in three categories: 

Vacuum & Gas Injection Machine



Automatic Spout Sealer




All in one machine


At Somsix, we offer and integrated solution to implement modified atmosphere packaging into your production chain. From the ’small’ elements, such as the valves, to the big ones, such as the big bags, and the equipment needed to make modified atmosphere packaging possible.
We have developed our very own, state-of-the-art equipment. These machines are built like the huge in-line factory machines that have been used over decades, but have been made smaller and are mobilized, ready to use for smaller businesses.
On this page you will find more information about our most important equipment: the automatic spout sealer and the vacuum and gas injection machine.

Our three Equipment categories


Vacuum & Gas Injection Machine

With customized oxygen and nitrogen levels within our FIBCs, we elongate the shelf life of your product. 
Superior machinery: compared to the equipment our competitors use, our vacuum and gas injection machine is more efficient, and more effective. It can reach extremely low levels of oxygen below 1%, very quickly.
Moreover, our machine allows you to create a vacuum and insert the necessary gases in one run, for increased productivity and a smoother process.
Easy and secure handling: our equipment is made to be used by as many people as possible. We kept it simple and secure. 
Integrated leak test at the end of the cycle: This unique feature will prevent costly and time-consuming mistakes caused by leaks that go unnoticed. With this feature, every bag gets checked automatically.
Automated settings: to add to the user-friendliness of our equipment, there are automated settings, so anyone can operate the machine under the right conditions, without any specific knowledge. Including calculations on which and how many gases need to be added.
Mobile operation or Fixed Operation: depending on what your process looks like, you can opt for a mobile or fixed solution. Either way, both are built at the highest quality standards.
Food-grade standards: the machine design is based on the original machine that was developed for the baby formula and powdered milk industry, which means it is created with the highest hygienic standards in mind. 
Based on our experience with all kinds of bulk goods and vacuum technology we can design and supply all types of vacuum/gassing systems. Our systems are designed around the requirements of the customer and comply with the highest safety standards.
Vacuum machine

Automatic Spout Sealer

A machine that seals the spout of a Big Bag so that the FIBC is securely sealed, keeping the MAP safe. After positioning the spout in the seal mouth, the sealing process is running automatically.
In an industry where hand-operated sealers are still very common, our automatic spout sealer is a great game changer. Where sealing by hand still requires counting, we’ve created a machine that secures an airtight seal with less chance for human error. 
With our automatic spout sealer, you continuously reach the same seal quality, over and over. 
Heating and cooling have been integrated into one system and are activated at the press of one button. 
The process is incredibly secure, thanks to:
  • One button handling: the ease of use makes it virtually impossible to make human errors
  • Automated settings: we pre-set the necessary settings, so anyone can operate the machine at any given time
  • User-friendly control: you don't need extensive training to operate the machine
A mobile operation or Fixed Operation is possible depending on the needs of the customer. Since this machine is a spin-off of the big in-line seal systems it is of the highest quality, food-approved and very robust.

All-in-one machine: double your productivity 

For those who are looking to ramp up their production levels, our all-in-one machine is a great addition to their production process.

This machine has two positions as opposed to the standard ones, which means you don’t have to switch Big Bags as often: you can leave one FIBC on the machine and have it processed while changing another one. One bag will be sealed, the arm will move and make room for a new bag to vacumize while the sealing continues. This saves time and is a big game changer in many production facilities.




Installing the Somsix equipment

Every mechanic can install and set up the Somsix equipment. The electrical connections you need are basic. For air pressure we require 4 bars, but preferably 5. A generic compressor connection works, as well as a mobile compressor. For the nitrogen 4 bars is required as well. As for the electrical connection, a three-phase connection is required between 380 and 480. We adapt the plugs and connect to the local conditions.
Almost all parts of machines can be purchased locally, because they only consist of electronic components that are available from a party with a worldwide network. We supply the very specific parts in a special kit, so that work can always be continued. 
The machines are extremely low maintenance. As a spin-off of larger systems that have been running in large factories for decades, being built with the same principles, they are very robust. All machines come with a one years manufacturer warranty and online support.

Buying or renting

If you want to try our equipment before buying, renting is a perfect option. 
Renting is also an option for businesses who only need this equipment seasonally.  If you choose to buy the equipment after the rental phase, you will receive  a discount on the purchasing price.
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FAQs about smart packaging innovations


How can you measure Modified Atmosphere levels inside the packaging?

The challenge of Modified Atmosphere Packaging is keeping the gas levels inside the packaging balanced and untouched for as long as possible. Measuring with a needle, therefore, isn't accurate, and means a bag goes to waste. Somsix Sensors allow for non-invasive, remote and more accurate measurements, as often as you’d like.

How do smart packaging solutions contribute to sustainability?

Smart packaging technology like the Somsix Sensors minimize waste: no bags have to be thrown after measurements and there is less chance of contamination or pests. plus enables us to better cater to demand, decreasing over production and better allocation of resources

How can we make packaging more sustainable?

With sustainable packaging solutions like the somsix sensors, we look at chances for sustainability throughout the entire supply chain—not just in production and sales. Modified Atmosphere and Somsix sensors decrease waste by minimizing pests and contamination, and give products longer shelf lives.