Somsix Modified Atmosphere System

The New Standard in Bio Packaging for Big Bags.

We know that taking better care of your product, is better for your business - and for our planet. We fight pests and contamination, increase shelf life, all without the use of harmful chemicals. Our Modified Atmosphere System protects your product. The products stored under MA-conditions maintain quality for a longer period. Resulting in less productwaste and more possibilities in your market. Because with extended shelf-life of your product, you can wait for better prices.

Our aim is sustainability. Not only in products, but also in partnerships. We deliver everything you need for Modified Atmosphere in FIBC Bulk Packaging. Our product line is a result of 100 years of experience. We plan to keep going - every day, a bit better. For your business, and our planet.

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The 6 keys that makes our Modified Atmosphere System

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It’s the inside that counts. The liner works like an inner bag for FIBCs. Depending on the product and circumstances during storage and transport, the liner is built up with up to 9 different layers of various materials to create a barrier against moist, keeping ultra-low oxygen levels and the flavor intact. 


Valve (incl. filter)

The valve is mounted in the liner of the big bag. Equipped with a filter, it prevents the product from being sucked out of the bag or dust particles entering the bulk product. It is used when packaging powders, seeds, granulates, and more under a controlled atmosphere and atmospheric pressure.

Powercube tube

MA Powerqube & Powertube

An FIBC with a form stabilized liner system inside which ensures a square and optimal shape after filling and an FIBC with a pre-shaped liner completely sewn in the top and bottom and - if required - in side seams. 


Automatic Spout Sealer

A machine that seals the spout of a Big Bag so that big bag can be flushed and vacuumed. Depending on the size and position of the bag, the machine can be adjusted to its correct height and width and the spout. After fastening the spout, the sealing action is completely automatic.

Gas injection machine

Vacuum & Gas Injection machine

With customized oxygen and nitrogen levels within our FIBCs, we elongate the shelf life of your product. Modified Atmosphere is used as an organic way of natural fumigation, using Ultra Low Oxygen levels in combination with Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide to protect (organic) products for infestation by insects.

MA control

MA Control

Quality control is key. With smart Sensor Spot technology, we can check the oxygen levels in our Modified Atmosphere FIBCs without opening or puncturing the packaging. 

How does Modified Atmosphere Packaging work?

Modified atmosphere (MA) works by applying a very deep vacuum to the 100% airtight high barrier liners within the external FIBC big bags. After this, the bags are gas flushed with either nitrogen or carbon dioxide. This results in residual oxygen levels inside of the liners being <1% and an inert atmosphere.

This method of packaging is a bio-based substitute for pest control since it kills insects. But there are more benefits: Modified Atmosphere also reduces mold formation, degradation and oxidation of the product.  Storing commodities with the MAP technology helps preserve optimal moisture content, aromas, and flavor. MAP therefore has the potential to prolong the products shelf-life significantly.

This method is the perfect solution for protection and storage of many commodities, such as food powders, food products, nuts, dehydrated fruit, pharmaceutical API powders, grain, coffee, rice, tea, chemical and fine chemical powders, pigments and many others.



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